If it’s anything from a dripping tap to a full bathroom refurbishment, we've got it covered. We replace and repair showers, toilets and taps.  We also offer the full range of plumbing services connected to a bathroom

Here an example of bathrooms we have done in the past. Take a look!


We can also supply in our quotes all other trades needed for a full bathroom refit. If it’s an electrician, plasterer, joiner, tiler. We can take the hassle out of it for you so you only have to deal with us

We also specialise in the installation of shower pumps. So if you have an underperforming shower give us a call and we can offer technical advise and quotations

whether it is a complete bathroom refit or just a simple maintenance job give us a call on

 07990 544976


Mobile: 07990 544976

Home: 01522 788999

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